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  1. cover.jpg61.10 KB
  2. CD2/07. Gorge Transition.mp3286.78 KB
  3. CD2/15. [9m21] Timon's Luau [Instrumental].mp3701.06 KB
  4. CD1/26. [9m21] Timon's Luau.mp3870.45 KB
  5. CD1/15. [5m12B] As Good As Dead Pt II.mp31.14 MB
  6. CD1/01. Walt Disney Logo [New].mp31.24 MB
  7. CD1/21. [Source] Lion Sleeps Tonight.mp31.29 MB
  8. CD1/17. [Source] Zazu Entertains.mp31.58 MB
  9. CD1/11. [4m9B] The Signal.mp31.77 MB
  10. CD1/18. [6m14] Scar - Zazu What.mp32.60 MB
  11. CD3/11. [No Song] 'Hakuna Matata' [Demo Work Print].mp32.85 MB
  12. CD1/19. [6m15A] Under The Stars.mp32.91 MB
  13. CD4/11. 'Asuncion' from The Mission [Ennio Morricone].mp33.33 MB
  14. CD2/04. [Additional Song] Morning Report [Instrumental].mp33.59 MB
  15. CD1/05. [Additional] Morning Report.mp33.72 MB
  16. CD1/14. [5m12A] As Good As Dead Pt I.mp33.74 MB
  17. CD1/20. [6m15B] Rafiki.mp33.84 MB
  18. CD3/13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Reprise) [Work Print Demo].mp33.93 MB
  19. CD4/14. Making of Circle of Life.mp34.33 MB
  20. CD4/02. 'Falls' from The Mission [Ennio Morricone].mp34.40 MB
  21. CD3/10. [6m14 V2] Be Prepared (Reprise) [Work Print Demo].mp34.60 MB
  22. CD4/07. 'Mother Africa Reprise' from The Power of One [Hans Zimmer].mp34.79 MB
  23. CD4/03. 'Main Title' from Planet of The Apes [Jerry Goldsmith].mp35.07 MB
  24. CD1/03. [1m2] Scar's Dinner [Alternate].mp35.09 MB
  25. CD4/09. 'Oaklahoma Territory' from Far and Away [John Williams].mp35.12 MB
  26. CD2/02. [1m2] Scar's Dinner [Film Alternate].mp35.14 MB
  27. CD1/09. [3m7] Father's Footsteps.mp35.16 MB
  28. CD3/05. [3m7] Father's Footsteps [Demo].mp35.20 MB
  29. CD3/14. [9m20] Homeward Bound [Demo].mp35.65 MB
  30. CD4/04. 'Main Title' from Beetlejuice [Danny Elfman].mp35.77 MB
  31. CD1/25. [9m20] Homeward Bound.mp35.88 MB
  32. CD2/23. [9m22] Finale (Alternate Take).mp36.06 MB
  33. CD4/12. 'Gabriel's Oboe' from The Mission [Ennio Morricone].mp36.12 MB
  34. CD4/08. 'Remorse' from The Mission [Ennio Morricone].mp36.37 MB
  35. CD2/14. [7m18] Can You Feel The Love Tonight [Instrumental].mp36.50 MB
  36. CD1/07. [3m5] I Just Can't Wait to be King.mp36.52 MB
  37. CD2/05. [3m5] I Just Can't Wait to be King [Instrumental].mp36.60 MB
  38. CD1/23. [7m18] Can You Feel The Love Tonight.mp36.81 MB
  39. CD1/04. [1m3-2m3-2m3#2 Insert] This Land.mp36.97 MB
  40. CD3/03. [1m3-2m3-2m3#2 Insert] This Land [Demo].mp37.00 MB
  41. CD2/03. [1m3-2m3] This Land [Original].mp37.01 MB
  42. CD2/10. [6m13 V3] Warthog Rhapsody.mp37.09 MB
  43. CD2/12. Stand By Me (Unused).mp37.53 MB
  44. CD3/09. [5m11 RR] Mufasa's Dead (Stampete Pt II) [Demo].mp37.74 MB
  45. CD3/08. [5m10B] Stampede Pt I [Demo].mp37.74 MB
  46. CD2/08. [5m10B Alt Mix] Stampede Pt I.mp37.78 MB
  47. CD3/12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Duet) [Work Print Demo].mp37.80 MB
  48. CD2/09. [5m11 JK] Mufasa's Dead (Stampete Pt II).mp37.88 MB
  49. CD1/12. [5m10B] Stampede Pt I.mp37.93 MB
  50. CD1/13. [5m11 RR] Mufasa's Dead (Stampete Pt II).mp37.97 MB
  51. CD3/04. [3m5] Can't Wait to be King [Work Print Demo].mp38.11 MB
  52. CD2/21. I Just Can't Wait to Be King [Elton John].mp38.28 MB
  53. CD3/07. [4m9A] Be Prepared [Album].mp38.41 MB
  54. CD1/10. [4m9A] Be Prepared [Film].mp38.42 MB
  55. CD4/05. 'Am I Beautiful' from Far and Away [John Williams].mp38.44 MB
  56. CD2/06. [4m9A] Be Prepared [Instrumental].mp38.48 MB
  57. CD3/06. [4m9A] Be Prepared [Work Print Demo].mp38.48 MB
  58. CD3/16. Making of Soundtrack.mp38.51 MB
  59. CD3/01. [1m1] Circle of Life [Work Print Demo].mp39.10 MB
  60. CD1/02. [1m1] Circle of Life [Film].mp39.15 MB
  61. CD1/06. [2m4] Hyenas in The Pridelands.mp39.18 MB
  62. CD2/22. Can You Feel The Love Tonight [Elton John].mp39.23 MB
  63. CD3/02. [1m1] Circle of Life [Instrumental Demo].mp39.25 MB
  64. CD2/01. [1m1] Circle of Life [Instrumental].mp39.31 MB
  65. CD2/16. Busa [Lebo M].mp39.31 MB
  66. CD2/11. [6m13] Hakuna Matata [Instrumental].mp39.33 MB
  67. CD4/06. 'Jawa Sandcrawler' from Star Wars [John Williams].mp39.33 MB
  68. CD4/10. 'Shannon is Shot' from Far and Away [John Williams].mp39.51 MB
  69. CD1/16. [6m13 V1] Hakuna Matata.mp39.73 MB
  70. CD1/22. [7m17] Nala Attacks.mp39.81 MB
  71. CD2/17. Lala [Lebo M].mp310.36 MB
  72. CD1/08. [3m6] Graveyard.mp311.01 MB
  73. CD2/19. He Lives in You [Lebo M].mp311.07 MB
  74. CD2/20. Circle of Life [Elton John].mp311.13 MB
  75. CD4/13. 'Burn it All' from Backdraft [Hans Zimmer].mp312.09 MB
  76. CD2/13. Madness of Scar (Unused).mp312.61 MB
  77. CD3/18. Lion King Trailers.mp313.03 MB
  78. CD2/18. Lea Halalela [Lebo M].mp313.87 MB
  79. CD4/16. Lion King Round Table.mp314.56 MB
  80. CD4/15. 'The Rainmaker' from The Power of One [Hans Zimmer].mp317.87 MB
  81. CD1/24. [7m19] Nala - Simba - Mufasa's Ghost.mp318.62 MB
  82. CD1/27. [9m22] Simba & Nala Move in - Finale.mp326.71 MB
  83. CD3/15. [9m22] Simba & Nala Move in - Finale [Demo].mp326.80 MB
  84. CD3/17. The Lion King Storybook.mp338.31 MB
  85. CD4/01. Making of The Lion King.mp361.20 MB