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  1. 01 The Science and Philosophy of Emotions.mp4412.96 MB
  2. 04 The Social Purpose of Emotions.mp4405.80 MB
  3. 03 How the Body and Emotions Influence One Another.mp4401.93 MB
  4. 10 Emotional Disorders Anxiety and Depression.mp4387.73 MB
  5. 09 The Rational and Moral Sides of Emotions.mp4385.80 MB
  6. 06 Self-Conscious Emotions From Empathy to Shame.mp4378.79 MB
  7. 11 The Purpose of Disgust and Anger.mp4375.75 MB
  8. 08 How Children Develop Emotions.mp4370.51 MB
  9. 12 Connecting People A Focus on Love.mp4369.10 MB
  10. 07 Culture and Emotions.mp4361.28 MB
  11. 05 Facial Expressions and Nonverbal Behavior.mp4358.42 MB
  12. 02 How Emotions Evolved.mp4351.00 MB
  13. DG80120_8A2N3E.pdf24.33 MB
  14. Trailer.mp416.63 MB